The majority of beef producers are in favor of the Beef Checkoff Program, and in fact, 80% says the checkoff drives demand for beef, according to an independent study conducted by Luce Research, Colorado Springs, Colo.

Key survey findings include:

  • 80% say the Beef Checkoff Program drives demand for beef.
  • 72% say they approve of the Beef Checkoff Program.
  • 68% say the Beef Checkoff Program leads to greater profitability in their own operation.

In January, Luce Research surveyed 1,200 beef and dairy producers nationwide. These producers were randomly chosen from a master list of 150,000 U.S. producers who managed an operation that included cattle.

According to the survey results, producers conclude that the checkoff program is making a difference in the beef industry, and they understand its positive, global impact.

“We’re pleased to learn that producers continue to see the value of the checkoff and support its efforts,” says Brian Malaer, co-chair of the Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) Investor Relations Working Group, Centennial, Colo. “With 80% of producers saying the checkoff help drives demand for beef, it’s clear that they see the return on their investment and feel the checkoff is a necessary part of the beef industry. As 2019 continues, we will keep communicating the checkoff’s many successes, so even more producers can better understand how their dollars are advancing the demand for beef.”

The checkoff will take the information gathered from this year’s survey and use it to develop authorization requests for the coming year.

“To ensure the Beef Checkoff‘s continued success, we must communicate the value it brings to the beef industry and the everyday beef producer,” Malaer says. “Their dollars support the industry. Their dollars make a difference. Their dollars are driving demand.”