Silgan Closures, Downers Grove, Ill., partnered with ORBIS Corp., Oconomowoc, Wis., and Mid America Molds to develop a “caseless” system for bottled products to replace traditional stacks of cases. The heart of the new system is the new ORBIS XpressBulk, a delivery and merchandising system that moves loads of bottled products without the need for them to be in cases.

Silgan provides its DBJ Series bottle closures that seal the bottles and help stabilize them as they are stacked on the XpressBulk contoured trays in the caseless configuration. Meanwhile, Mid America Molds develops molds that produce light-weight plastic bottles to integrate with Silgan’s closures and the trays.

The XpressBulk system converts from a stable system for logistical transportation to an unlocked mobile dolly to roll product from truck to store. Then, the Silgan closure keeps bottles stable and secure regardless if they are locked in position in a truck or being moved into a store.

Silgan Closures