Sunrise Strategic Partners, a Boulder, Colo.-based accelerator, and Trilantic North America, New York, announced an investment in Cali’flour Foods, Chico, Calif., with participation from CircleUp Growth Partners, San Francisco.

“We’ve discussed partnering with an institutional investor for a while, and I know now is the right time and Sunrise is the right partner,” says Amy Lacey, founder of Cali’flour Foods. “Steve Hughes has been a phenomenal mentor, and I feel extremely blessed and grateful for the opportunity to work with the entire Sunrise team. This strategic partnership and support will allow us to expand and innovate quickly as we continue sharing healthy food with the world.”

“Amy made no compromises as she created the recipes in her product line. She could have grown faster sooner, but her steadfast commitment to using fresh cauliflower, only a few simple ingredients and zero fillers sets Cali’flour Foods apart from competitors,” says Steve Hughes, co-founder and CEO of Sunrise Strategic Partners. “We are so impressed by what Amy and her team have built, and we are incredibly excited about the future of Cali’flour Foods.”

The next phase of growth for Cali’flour Foods will be led by Mike Anderson, new chief executive officer.

“Amy has assembled an amazing team, chosen a great partner in Sunrise and created a product that is far superior and much healthier than others in the category. I am excited to be part of a brand on the forefront of such an innovative consumer trend,” adds Anderson. “Our primary goal is to build upon the solid consumer base from our online business, expand into supermarkets and natural product stores and innovate, while keeping our commitment to using fresh cauliflower to create great-tasting products with the best nutrition profile in the category.”

The investment from Sunrise will allow Cali’flour Foods to expand grocery distribution, make additional marketing and sales investments and launch new innovation.