LORD Corp., Cary, N.C., partnered with Clearpath Robotics, Canada, to bring inertial sensors to the Clearpath research robot platform to enhance autonomous capabilities.  

"The partnership between LORD and Clearpath gives users a full array of state-of-the-art inertial sensors available for direct integration on Clearpath platforms or from the Clearpath Components Store,” says Jim Toscano, senior business development manager, LORD Sensing. “Assembling a highly capable autonomous robot has never been easier.”  

LORD designs and manufactures a full-feature inertial sensor product line with a common protocol and advanced software. Clearpath Robotics offers LORD inertial sensors to academic and corporate research organizations on its mobile robots for survey and inspection, agriculture, materials handling and other applications.

"We've recommended and used LORD Sensing, MicroStrain sensors for many years, so this partnership is a perfect fit," says Julian Ware, general manager, Clearpath Robotics. "Many of our customers develop their own navigation solutions, and having an accurate, reliable inertial measurement unit is essential. The LORD Sensing solutions are the best options for mobile robotics development."

By partnering, the combined effort will result in robots that can be easily and flexibly configured to accurately navigate and perform inspection, mapping, localization and other tasks in challenging terrains and conditions.