GT USA Wilmington, Wilmington, Del., implemented an integrated port operating system (IPOS) to upgrade and optimize the IT system for the future development of the port.

The system was deployed at the Port of Wilmington, Wilmington, Del.

The system upgrade is already enhancing GT Wilmington’s operating processes and customer service by improving job orders, vehicle routing processes for container pick-up/delivery, the optimization of layout and travel distances within the terminal and integration with customer systems for complete visibility throughout the supply chain.

The resulting efficiencies to key operational processes allow the company to boost terminal productivity and improve service quality, enabling the business to identify and solve potential problems before they occur.

“I’d like to congratulate everyone involved in the rollout of the IPOS system,” says Eric Casey, chief executive officer of GT USA Wilmington. “Everyone came together to ensure that the go-live was completed on its scheduled date with no glitches. The implementation of IPOS reiterates GT Wilmington’s continued commitment to improving operational systems for a better customer experience.

“The rollout of the IPOS is the first step in our technology transformation strategy, and having this new system at the heart of terminal operations will play a crucial role in boosting our overall performance; we are enhancing efficiency and productivity while adding substantial value for our customers. Most importantly, vessels arriving at our port will benefit from the considerable reduction in wait times that comes with synchronized operations.”