Pfannenberg, Inc., Lancaster, N.Y., announced the DTS 3000 Series Side Mount Cooling Units, ideal for tough industrial or outdoor applications.

This condensate evaporate system is available in sizes ranging from 900-24,000 Btu/h, for use in applications ranging from small enclosures to high-temperature, high-ambient environments.

Features include key internal electronics positioned away from potentially moist and/or caustic air in tough industrial applications, and wide condenser fin spacing that allows for filterless and maintenance-free operation.

DTS 3000 Series Side Mount Cooling Units’ active condensate management uses a positive temperature coefficient (PTC) heater, eliminating the need for a drain line. Cooling mode starts automatically upon exceeding the required cabinet temperature. The condensate evaporator only activates when necessary for maximum energy savings.

The NEMA Type 4 and 4X 304 stainless-steel units repel contaminants in food-grade applications and provide for easy washdown. High-temperature models can operate in ambient temperatures up to 140°F (60° C), ideal for use near industrial ovens or baking lines. An optional cover protects the fan if used in washdown or in high dust/debris areas.

The stainless-steel units consist of an epoxy coating on all exposed copper tubing to compliment the electrostatically-coated condensers. The fans are conformal coated, and the backward curve impellers offer up to 55,000-plus hours of life, what is said to be the longest life and best air flow on the market.

The tool-free patented mounting design allows for quick and efficient assembly.

Pfannenberg, Inc.