Piab, Hingham, Mass., combined a series of piGRIP bag lips (BGI) to create a vacuum-based automated system that handles bags of all shapes and materials.

These lips include an internal retainer piece as well as three additional diameter sizes, making them ideal for handling different types of bag materials, especially hard-to-handle thin bag material, such as plastic film. The six diameter sizes now at 25, 34, 41, 48, 63 and 80 mm enable customers to choose the exact cup for the handling application.

The special lip design in combination with the rigid and strong piGRIP bellows/body allows for bag handling speeds and accelerations that are said never be used before in automation equipment for bags/pouches.

The range of diameter sizes allows for very small and/or oblong narrow flexible packages to be handled by the smallest 25 mm size. The largest size (80 mm) addresses the need for handling heavy bags or sacks.

The retainer piece prevents thin bags or films from being drawn into the cup, thus improving the grip performance as well as eliminating marks on the thin bag materials. The lip material and the retainer piece are made of FDA-approved materials.

A strong bonding solution between the lip and bellows prevent lips from coming off during working cycles, even for extremely rough conditions (high-speed and greasy environments).