Valley Oaks Steak Co., Johnson County, Mo., ceased operations, effective immediately.

“When we started Valley Oaks, we designed a local state-of-the-art facility, different from the large-scale industrial agriculture operations that harvest beef for U.S. and export markets. We planned on being a hoof-to-table local supplier of premium beef, utilizing local businesses and farmers, promoting the sustainable production of beef and reducing the carbon footprint involved in long supply chains. We created Valley Oaks using modern agricultural techniques, which eliminated environmental issues prevalent with other large beef operations,” according to the company’s Facebook page.

“For nearly two years this business model worked. We had approximately 900 cattle at Valley Oaks, and during that time, received no complaints of any environmental concerns. Based on this success, we applied for a permit to increase our capacity. Valley Oaks employed approximately 80 people and had a USDA inspector’s office on location.

“Unfortunately, Valley Oaks became a lightning rod for individuals and organizations opposed to animal agriculture operations,” the company adds. “While we understand there were skeptics of our approach, Valley Oaks became a target for groups that used us to advance their own fundraising campaigns.”