Crown Equipment Corp., New Bremen, Ohio, introduced a larger, more robust display module for its forklifts equipped with Crown’s InfoLink fleet and operator management system. The InfoLink 7-inch touch display module enhances the operator experience with greater functionality and an interface designed to simplify onboarding, maximize productivity and reinforce safety.

The information presented on the adjustable color LCD display provides intuitive and easy-to-read menus and configurable widgets, so operators can customize their screen and receive context-sensitive alerts to increase engagement with the forklift. Three programmable-performance modes, as well as multiple language support, allow for equipment operation to be tailored to each user.

An operator checklist with images at login helps ensure inspection compliance, while on-screen safety reminders and Dynamic Coaching messaging during operation reinforces operator training and delivers real-time feedback to operators. Built-in wireless connectivity provides access to enterprise networks and allows sharing of real-time data for productivity tracking and preventive service, among many other uses. Wireless firmware downloads ensure new features can be leveraged for additional functionality and accommodate future application requirements as customer needs evolve.

Crown Equipment Corp.