KML Bearing USA, Pottstown, Pa., introduced a superior, hygienic design of its Stainless-Steel Stand-Out mounted bearings to incorporate the company’s Poly-Guard IP69K Sealing System. This new design provides food processing equipment manufacturers a sanitary bearing solution that meets the strict sanitary requirements of the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).

Developed for high-moisture food applications such as poultry, beef and pork processing, the Stainless-Steel Stand-Out mounted bearings meet the criteria for clean-in-place and eradicate bacteria harborage sites by eliminating edge seams and crevices at the bearing mounting location.

To meet IP69K requirements, KML developed the Poly-Guard IP69K Sealing System that protects the Stainless-Steel Stand-Out mounted bearings against the ingress of dust, water and harmful bacteria especially during high-pressure, high-temperature food equipment washdowns. It is said to be the first-ever sealing system to meet IP69K washdown requirements.

KML Bearing USA