Hormel Foods Corp., Austin, Minn., launched the Happy Little Plants brand, a new plant-forward, protein portfolio created as part of the company's first project under its Cultivated Foods umbrella. 

"Hormel Foods has one of the most admired brand portfolios in the industry, led by our legacy of industry-leading innovation," says Jim Splinter, group vice president of corporate strategy. "We are continuing to build an organization that has the agility and adaptability to create products to align with today's dynamic marketplace."

The Happy Little Plants brand is part of the company's plant-based and blended protein innovation efforts, which began in 2014.

Happy Little Plants products are a ground plant-based protein alternative containing 20 grams of non-GMO soy protein, just 180 calories and no preservatives or cholesterol. The line is available in select retail outlets, with further expansion planned in the coming months.

"We understand consumers across a spectrum of lifestyles are adopting more flexible attitudes and behaviors when thinking about food, especially given the wide variety of products available in the marketplace,” Splinter adds. “We intend to focus on all the ways plants can help consumers find alternatives in their food routines."