Redefine Meat, Israel, completed a $6 million seed round led by CPT Capital, London, joined by Israel-based Hanaco Ventures; The PHW Group, Germany; and other Israel-based angel investors. Redefine Meat will use the investment to finalize the development of its revolutionary alternative meat 3D printer, which is to be released in 2020.

Redefine Meat uses 3D printing to produce alternative meat products and create a highly productive and flexible supply chain that is dramatically more sustainable than current animal factory farming and meat processing.    

The company is developing a comprehensive solution that combines a proprietary semi-industrial 3D digital printing platform—what is said to be one of the world’s fastest 3D printers—a 3D meat modeling system and plant-based food formulations. The solution delivers a new category of complex matrix “meat.”

“Redefine Meat is a great fit with our portfolio of companies that are working to replace animals in the food supply chain,” says Costa Yiannoulis, investment director for CPT Capital Investment and new director of the Redefine Meat board of directors. “We are excited to partner with a company that leverages decades of digital printing experience to offer a fresh look at the way that meat will be produced. From very early on, it was clear that their unique approach has tremendous merits and has already produced some of the highest-quality alternative meat products that we have ever encountered.”

Redefine Meat’s animal-free meat comprises natural and sustainable ingredients that deliver the same appearance, texture and flavor of animal meat used for steaks, roasts and stews. The breakthrough technology will also enable meat distributors and retailers to design the characteristics of their meat to cater for seasonality, changing demands and consumers preferences with “printed meat” that is 100% predictable and replicable.

“We’ve been following Redefine Meat closely for almost a year as part of a major strategic move in agri-food investments,” says Pasha Romanovski, founding partner at Hanaco Ventures. “They have a unique position in a massive market, but what made us invest is the sheer progress and speed of this dedicated team.”

“There is currently no other company that has demonstrated such an impressive development in the field of 3D printed meat,” says Peter Wesjohann, chief executive officer of PHW Group. “The PHW Group sees Redefine Meat as a strategic investment, especially regarding the future product development for the European market and our broad distribution network.”

“Our goal is not just to develop a new food product, but to [also] introduce a new technology for developing, producing and scaling alt-meat products. We have already successfully printed great products for multiple foodie events, and over the coming 12 months, we will take the technology to the next level where we expect to make a huge impact on the meat market and the future of our planet. We’re delighted to have secured this investment, and to be working with high-quality investors, who share our vision and can support Redefine Meat on its path to become an industry leader,” says Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, co-founder and CEO at Redefine Meat.