USWTE Green Industrial Fund, Seattle, Wash., announced plans to seek ozone investors to establish waste-to-energy (WTE) projects in the Qualified Opportunity Zones throughout the United States. These projects will have a vision to eliminate toxic waste with a focus on waste plastics and end-of-life tires.

The funds will be used to leverage and expand U.S. WTE technologies that eliminate waste.

WTE-type projects will be developed in opportunity zones, and will have a global effect on eliminating toxic waste in oceans and around the world. USWTE’s patent-pending technology permanently eliminates scrap tires or waste plastics through thermal decomposition, thus converting the waste into high-quality end products. This process permanently eliminates waste plastics and end-of-life tires from the planet. All major components of the systems are made in the United States, with plants generating high returns for investors.

USWTE compiled a consortium of WTE providers with varying outputs such as solid fuel, pyrolysis oil, ethanol, biogas, syngas and energy. With these various WTE technologies, USWTE envisions an industrial park concept whereby these varying technologies complement each other toward a sustainable and efficient processing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner.

“Our business model is to invest and develop environmentally friendly waste-to-energy projects in partnership with select WTE developers with varying technologies in Qualified Opportunity Zones,” says Mark Gantar, managing partner. “Our lead pyrolysis technology is a unique and patent-pending process that we envision as the ‘holy grail’ of waste-to-product processing concentrating on the thermal decomposition of plastics and tire waste and producing high-quality oil, carbon black and electricity. This technology will be given preferential treatment in addition to supporting other WTE developers in United States.”