Resilinc, Milpitas, Calif., partnered with Flextronics International, Milpitas, Calif., to deliver Resilinc’s next-generation supply chain monitoring, analytics and collaboration applications to Flex. As part of this agreement, Flex’s digital supply chain called Flex Pulse will access to Resilinc’s artificial intelligence-based solution, Eventwatch, which derives supply chain disruption intelligence from over 40 million news streams across 50 languages. This will further strengthen Flex’s responsive supply chain services.

 “Resilinc is advancing digitalization of the supply chain with innovative tools that change how supply chain experts do their jobs. We are helping our customers manage inventory throughout the supply chain, while finding opportunities to thrive in an uncertain environment,” says Bindiya Vakil, founder and CEO of Resilinc. “Flex is an innovative and successful leader in the global value chain, and with this partnership, Resilinc will be establishing the first line of defense against disruptions for all members of the Flex ecosystem.”

Additionally, Flex will have access to real-time visibility and automating mitigation workflow to proactive monitoring and analyzing as well as avoid disruptions across Flex’s supply chain. Resilinc will provide desktop and mobile monitoring to supplier sites globally. Flex will also implement Eventwatch AI throughout its Pulse Operational Centers, which are currently in nine locations, including Poland, Austria, Israel, Mexico, India, and two locations each in China and the United States.  

“Flex has always been focused on leveraging innovative ways to improve our customer experiences,” says Gus Shahin, chief innovation officer of Flex. “By partnering with Resilinc, we will expand our ability to intelligently manage our supply chain risk and investment in a dynamic, complex environment.”