As part of its commitment to caring for the environment, Grupo Bimbo, Mexico, announced that starting in 2020, over the next four years, its fleet of electric distribution vehicles in Mexico will grow by 4,000 units, representing an investment of 2.8 billion pesos.

To achieve this goal, Moldex, a subsidiary of Grupo Bimbo, will be responsible for providing 1,000 units per year over a period of four years. These vehicles will be integrated into various distribution routes in the country, thereby supporting the company's commitment to developing innovative solutions.

These distribution trucks are “wind-powered” by the Piedra Larga wind farm located in Oaxaca, México.

“In 2012, we started planning and designing what would be Grupo Bimbo’s first electric vehicle. Today, thanks to the talent of Mexican engineers at our subsidiary Moldex, located in Lerma, State of Mexico, we have an electric distribution fleet of more than 400 vehicles, and we are ready to take this big step of expanding the fleet by 4,000 units. This will provide sustainable distribution to corner stores in Mexico using a fleet that will operate without leaving a trace on the planet,” says Javier González Franco, executive vice president of Grupo Bimbo.