Today's consumers are looking for new ways to spice up their plate and palate. Whether it be with a new exciting protein or a dish that features a new flavor, consumers’ tastes are constantly changing. With that in mind, every year we release reports pulling from our data index to see what consumers are craving.

A report from Foodable Network, LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Fla., analyzed 910,309 social conversations on multiple social media platforms. The dataset is made up of chefs, independent restaurant owners, corporate chefs, multi-unit brands and food influencers.

The 2019 Flavor Trends Report outlines the flavors and fusions that have surged in popularity over the last year, and gives insights on the future of flavor trends, statistics on the plant-based movement, what ingredients are inspiring consumers and chefs and what demographics are the most interested in specific flavors.

For instance, Asian flavors like hoisin sauce, spicy flavors like habanero and dessert flavors like salted caramel are all on the rise.