Nature Fresh Farms, Canada, announced plans to pass off the keys to its Phase 1 and 2 greenhouse to Chosen Fresh Farms.

“I’m very excited to help Chosen Fresh Farms purchase my first 36-acre farm and congratulate them on becoming a part of the Nature Fresh Farms team of growers,” says Peter Quiring, founder and owner of Nature Fresh Farms. “As our market share continues to grow, Nature Fresh Farms needs an ongoing new supply of innovative, passionate growers to keep us ahead of the competition.”

By transferring ownership of its first built facilities, Nature Fresh Farms presents an opportunity for several families to get involved in the industry.

“We are thrilled to work with our new grower, Chosen Fresh Farms, and feel that the opportunity for both companies was a match with this transition,” adds John Ketler, general manager of Nature Fresh Farms. “The sale of our original 36 acres adds a new long-term grower to our family of existing growers, and allows us to expedite our upcoming plans for expansion. It also supports several local families to get into the greenhouse farming business, which encourages others to take an interest in the industry.”

This transaction assists in expediting their expansion plans beyond current construction of Phase 8, with completion planned for next spring. Nature Fresh Farms also has plans to advance their facilities with the continued development of organic production in 2020.