Vortex slide gates, diverters, iris valves and loading spouts are used around the world every day in the production of many vital items, including food, medicine, cleaning agents, medical equipment, toilet paper, tissues, petroleum, batteries and etc. We are currently operating at full capacity at all of our worldwide locations and will continue to do so as long as this guidance remains in place or we are instructed to cease activities by Federal, State, and/or local authorities.

We wish you and those close to you safety and good health and want to assure you that Vortex staff are taking precautionary steps to protect our customers, communities and each other. If you require maintenance or support on your existing Vortex product, or would like to learn more about how Vortex can help solve your dry bulk handling needs, we’ll be here to keep you up and running.

About Vortex Global

Vortex clients can be assured they are getting the best solutions available on the market. By listening to your needs and relying on our in-depth knowledge of dry solids, our engineers can develop the right solution to meet the most demanding applications. The result is a product that will out-perform and outlast typical components found on the market today.

Vortex’s knowledge of dry bulk solid processing is unprecedented. Since 1977, we have delivered innovative solutions to a wide range of industries handling thousands of dry bulk solids. If the product is dry, there is a high probability Vortex has handled it.

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