The sudden surge in demand for refrigerated, frozen and packaged foods due to the COVID-19 pandemic has put food processors into overdrive trying to meet the market's needs. For example, oat milk sales have increased 477% compared to the same time last year, and dried beans 231%. One area possibly overlooked in this supply chain crush is labels for food. A company might have the actual F&B product and physical packaging, but maybe not access to updated label templates to complete the food manufacturing process before it ships out to stores, direct-to-customer orders and other clients.

One company helping to bridge the label gap is Gaea Global Technologies. They have been providing free access to their labeling software Cloud Label Service since April to food companies during the coronavirus outbreak. 

Gaea decided to take part in the initiative to help companies avoid any supply chain disruption and shortages caused by label errors. Amin Sikander, a co-founder at Gaea, said, “We wanted to do our bit in this fight that affects all of us. Incorrect labeling is the first reason for food recalls, and half of the medical device recalls are due to packaging issues, including label errors. By giving free access to Cloud Label Service, we intend to support these industries and minimize the risk of stopping an entire supply chain during this sensitive time."

Cloud Label Service is a web-based platform that centralizes label information across the entire supply chain and ensures that all suppliers have access to current, correct label templates. The platform can be fully operational within a day depending on the complexity; after that, label updates can be deployed instantly across multiple suppliers worldwide.

Gaea has added a new section on the Cloud Label Service website for more information, and it is asking companies to send an email to including ‘Fight COVID-19’ on the subject line for immediate support.

About Gaea Global Technologies, Inc.

Cloud Label Service was created by Gaea Global Technologies, Inc. Gaea has provided world-class inventory and warehouse management solutions to Fortune 100 organizations for the last 13 years resulting in the successful management of more than one-billion dollars in inventory for our clients. Gaea’s team has successfully advised on, implemented, and rolled out the supply chain, labeling, and inventory solutions in numerous industries worldwide. Our business-process and information-technology experts provide innovative and cost-effective solutions that improve the operations of some of the largest, most complex firms in the world. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, Gaea has offices in Canada, UK, UAE, Saudi Arabia, and India to support its global clientele.

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