EnergyDashboard is a web-based energy and performance monitoring service developed by VaCom Technologies for refrigeration and other energy using systems. Using communication over the internet, information is collected from existing control systems or from dedicated data collection hardware. These values, including temperature, pressure, flows, power usage, and other system data are processed to provide key performance parameters for the refrigeration system and plant processes. The highest-level performance parameter for a refrigeration system or chiller plant is kW/Ton, which summarizes total energy efficiency and also provides early indicator of changes in overall mechanical health. From these highest level metrics, a user can “drill-down” to the performance of sub-systems and individual components. Password-protected EnergyDashboard web pages are available from a standard web browser, allowing owners, service agents or engineers to view information from any location. Display screens can also be customized for the requirements of a particular system or process.

VaCom Technologies






The requirements of keeping products safe throughout the cold chain—and providing the necessary proof points—are vital. Protect your cargo with Thermo King’s TracKing telematics, a GPRS/GPS temperature and asset management system. It offers remote real-time communication with the refrigeration unit controller and delivers the information that your customers and regulatory agencies demand. What’s the temperature set-point? Was the temperature maintained throughout the journey? Telematics takes the guesswork out of temperature compliance. As an added bonus, it also tracks the location and status of assets and increases fleet efficiencies by detecting potential issues and determining maintenance actions.







Optimized to deliver more power faster, Carrier Transicold’s newest solar charging system for transport refrigeration unit (TRU) batteries features an innovative design that conveniently fits on top of the TRU. Solar panels are being widely adopted by refrigerated haulers to help offset battery draws from ancillary devices, such as fuel-level sensors, interior trailer lighting and telematics systems. During periods when the TRU is not running, such power draws can potentially drain the battery too low to start the TRU engine, resulting in a service callout or battery replacement. Solar panels can also help conserve fuel by minimizing the need to run the TRU engine to charge the battery. The new TRU-Mount Solar Charging System delivers 2.0-amp power delivery by combining ultrapure silicon cells with a high-performance charge controller.

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PENN TC Series

PENN TC Series smart refrigeration and defrost controllers from Johnson Controls are designed to reliably and efficiently maintain optimal temperature in commercial refrigerators, prep tables and freezers. Patented capacitive touch keys make the controllers easy to clean and more robust for the harsh kitchen environment. Plus, multiple optional inputs and corresponding outputs for both on/off and proportional compressors help control and optimize refrigeration system performance. Of the three models in the line-up, the TC3 Series provides the most features, including temperature control and readout, alarm buzzer and management, defrost cycle, and evaporator fan and lighting control management functions—all within a single device. You also can order the TC3 Series with built-in RS485 Modbus communications or a TCIF adapter for additional communications.

Johnson Controls



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