The latest IQ4 Metal Detector Conveyor from “check and detect” specialists, Loma Systems, is a new specification called RUN-WET—a solution that offers the ultimate in cleaning efficiency for high-care environments. Incorporating an open frame that uses multi-angled surfaces and minimal welds, as well as quick removable covers, RUN-WET follows some of the EHEDG principles by reducing excess water and cleaning chemicals that typically pool on surfaces. This helps prevent the risk of corrosion and the accumulation of bacteria that could potentially contaminate foods. Motors, lamp and sounder, controls and enclosed pneumatics, are all high-pressure and high-temperature wash-down proof to IP69K ingress rating. And with no drying time required following cleaning, the immediate start functionality is perfect for fast-paced food manufacturing and processing facilities committed to improving food safety.

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vertical packaging x-ray machine

The new Mettler Toledo X37 X-ray inspection system series was developed specifically to deliver efficient, cost-effective production line X-ray inspection of products in vertical packaging such as bottles, cartons, cans and canisters. The new system also features higher-sensitivity sensors, which require lower 20W X-ray generator power consumption to complete its inspections. This eliminates the need for active cooling of the generator and reduces both Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and unit size. The X37 system inspects metal, glass, rigid plastic and fiberboard containers and can reliably detect contaminants such as metal, stone, glass, calcified bone, high absorption plastics and rubber compounds like viton, that can lead to brand image damage and possible liability lawsuits. Contaminated containers are automatically rejected from the line before they can leave the facility.

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x-ray technology for poultry

Robust design, breakthrough new technologies and versatility combine for unparalleled contaminant detection with the Eagle Pack 400 HC Equipped with PXT. New and enhanced PXT (Performance X-ray Technology) detects the smallest bone fragments in poultry, down to 1 mm, and captures more detailed product data with lower false reject rates. Paired with the latest generation of SimulTask PRO image analysis software, this machine offers the highest greyscale in the industry (65,535 values) and can simultaneously check for weight, fill level, package integrity and component count and delivers greater traceability with trend reports. The versatile system can be used in applications for fresh, refrigerated or frozen packaged poultry products and in single or multi-lane setups. Built for harsh washdown environments, the Pack 400 HC with PXT is designed to NAMI standards.

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food grade metal detection machine

Interceptor Metal Detectors by Fortress Technology improve stainless steel detection capabilities up to 100%, reducing waste and costly false rejects in challenging applications. Optimized for inspecting more difficult “wet” products such as meat, dairy and other conductive products, the Interceptor simultaneously analyzes multiple frequencies over a broad spectrum to clearly distinguish the signal generated by the product from any metal contaminants. Interceptors are available in either stainless steel or aluminum construction, and can be tailored to suit any application. Renowned for their superior accuracy and reliability, Interceptor Metal Detectors act as essential Critical Control Points in HACCP systems, effectively identifying and rejecting potential contamination.

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Compiled by Michael Costa