Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection has launched a new series of smart-design washdown-resistant combination product inspection systems, integrating sophisticated checkweighing and metal detection technologies. The CM33 Washdown and CM35 Washdown combination systems are aimed at manufacturers of packaged food products, including dairy and meat products, who require a quick-cleaning, advanced contaminant detection, and a precision weighing solution.

The CM33 Washdown is based on the C33 PlusLine Washdown checkweigher announced in 2020, but with an integrated metal detector from Mettler-Toledo’s Profile range of systems. It is capable of mid-range frequency operation and throughput of up to 250ppm, with weighing accuracy of up to +/- 0.2g. With the CM35 Washdown, manufacturers get a system that is capable of a high frequency range and high sensitivity. To complete their combination CM33 Washdown or CM35 Washdown, customers can choose one of three stainless steel Mettler-Toledo Profile metal detectors: one for small, packaged products, one for bulk, dry product applications, and one that delivers maximum sensitivity in challenging applications.


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Relearning product characteristics when inspecting food applications is a common challenge for processors. Thermal changes and water content are the main factors that can interfere with metal detector signals. Just 5°C temperature change can alter product characteristics. Simultaneous frequency is the most reliable way to remove this product effect when inspecting refrigerated and frozen foods, as this technology doesn’t compromise the sensitivity of the metal detector. Fortress uses ARM microprocessors to adapt to these changing product characteristics. Additionally, AutoPhase is a useful tool available on all Fortress metal detectors that tracks long term changes within wet products, adapting and syncing to new characteristics.

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Key Technology introduces Global View, a patented new software-driven capability for their VERYX digital sorters. Global View combines product data collected from multiple sensors with different vantage points around the product stream and enables the sorter to consider each object in its entirety when making classification and sort decisions. This unique software optimizes product quality, increases yield, collects more sophisticated data and reduces manual inspection. Global View applies a sorter’s ‘classification logic’ to the combined object data from more than one view to better remove defects, make grade and/or collect more complete data about food products. Defects can be defined by color, size, shape, structural properties and/or chemical composition, depending on the sensor types and the needs of the processor.

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