All-in-One Systems Incorporate Several Inspection ControlsAll-in-One Systems Incorporate Several Inspection Controls

Antares Vision Group has introduced a series of inspection machines offering comprehensive, customizable packaging inspection for food and beverage applications. The company’s All-in-Oneequipment portfolio incorporates multiple inspection controls into single machines, maximizing production space and manpower efficiencies while offering exemplary quality assurance. Combinable features include regulatory compliance, container integrity, micro-leak (micro-hole) and contaminants detection, weight control, and labelling/print verification for parameters such as expiration date and lot code. In combining these attributes into single machines, AVG aims to balance the often difficult-to-square needs for multi-faceted quality control and streamlined production optimization. 

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High Performance Metal Detection High Performance Metal Detection 

Gain food safety and quality control confidence with high performance metal detection with Heat and Control’s strategic partner, CEIA.  Deliver unparalleled inspection with extremely high detection sensitivity for metals whether ferrous, non-ferrous or stainless steel. Take advantage of multi-spectrum technology and neutralize product effect for all types of metal contaminants – both magnetic and non-magnetic. The metal detection equipment complies with: FDA 21, CFR Part 11 and GMP criteria requirements. With CEIA, increase inspection opportunities with conveyor, pipeline and free-fall options to suit many food applications along the line, including USDA approved options. 

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Sorters for Leafy Greens with No Blind SpotsSorters for Leafy Greens with No Blind Spots

Key Technology’s VERYX digital sorters are designed for fresh cut, hydroponically-grown leafy greens. VERYX sorters integrate with Iso-Flo vibratory conveyors to find and remove defective product, as well as foreign material (FM), to improve product quality while simultaneously increasing yield. It is the only belt-fed leafy greens sorter that can inspect product entirely in-air with top and bottom sensors to see all sides of the product with no blind spots. VERYX can be equipped with Key’s proprietary Pixel Fusion technology, which combines pixel-level input from multiple cameras and laser scanners to create a unique, unambiguous ‘signature’ for each type of substance in the product stream.

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Metal Detection, Checkweighing in One SystemMetal Detection, Checkweighing in One System

The CW3 RUN-WET Combo System for high-care food environments is especially designed to withstand harsh, high-pressure and high-temperature cleaning regimes. Combining both metal detection and checkweighing capabilities in one machine, and the ability to control from a single touchscreen, the CW3 RUN-WET Combo is a true game changer for factories handling food processed prior to cooking or final packaging. Tested to IP69 standards, RUN-WET offers a host of new features and smart design details to keep factories running better. These include an easier to clean frame and reduced contaminant traps, for optimum high-care cleaning with no risk of water ingress.


High Speed Contactless Inspection of Rigid Containers, Glass, MoreHigh Speed Contactless Inspection of Rigid Containers, Glass, More

The Peco Solo is the top performing, highest speed contactless inspection solution on the market. This advanced side-view X-ray inspection system is specially designed for the inspection of rigid containers such as metal and composite cans, PET, glass and boxes. The Solo leverages Peco InspX’s proprietary inspection software to detect a wide range of foreign material and container defects. Additionally, the Solo can offer robust filler/seamer monitoring for targeted maintenance, automated sampling and precision volumetric fill measure with headspace monitoring. It mounts over any existing conveyor and offers completely non-contact inspection at linear speeds up to 2,000 containers per minute.


New Technology for Nugget, Patty InspectionNew Technology for Nugget, Patty Inspection

ProSpection Solutions offers Award-Winning Foreign Material Detection Technology and cutting edge 360-degree Product and Package Inspection Systems for that focus on food safety. We partner with our customers to deliver innovative solutions, to reduce labor and add value. The newly released ProSpection Nugget/Patty Inspection System Improves product quality and product uniformity, with low-density foreign material detection down to 1.5 mm and an integrated reject system. The system allows for top and bottom inspection simultaneously. At just 4 feet long, the system has a40-inch sire belt and small footprint for easy washdown.

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Multi-Function Checkweigher Features Advanced Reject System

WIPOTEC-OCS recently introduced a groundbreaking multi-function metal detection-checkweigher-vision module. The All-in-One Inspection Unit combines two prime quality assurance functionalities – X-ray foreign objects detection and precision checkweighing – with an enhanced vision system capable of verifying label placement, barcode legitimacy, film detection and validation of expiration. The WIPOTEC All-in-One, which also includes an advanced reject system that sorts rejected products by pre-set categories, represents the first time WIPOTEC has combined so many inspection functionalities into one machine. Controlled by a single intuitive HMI, the unit is an attractive, space- and cost-saving option for food and beverage manufacturers.

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