This month, many fitness enthusiasts are setting new wellness goals and adopting a more flexitarian diet. Silk, America’s No. 1 plant-based beverage brand, is here to help with Silk ULTRA, a NEW protein beverage with 20 grams of complete plant-based protein for muscle maintenance and repair.

Silk ULTRA is one of the first multi-serve beverages on the market with 20 grams of complete plant-based protein and a first for Silk in the fitness space.

For fitness lovers looking to incorporate more plant-based into their diets, Silk ULTRA boasts:

  • 20 grams of complete, plant-based protein
  • Vitamins A and D, as well as B2 and B12, which help your body turn food into energy
  • Half the sugar of chocolate milk in the Creamy Chocolate flavor
  • 2.5x the protein of traditional dairy milk in the Original flavor

Silk ULTRA is available in 59 oz. multi-serve bottles in flavors Original, Unsweet, and Creamy Chocolate – all with no chalky taste or gritty texture.