Hofmann Sausage Company has rolled out its new Maple Breakfast Sausage Links, and is now available in retail stores such as Tops Friendly Markets, Walmart, and several local Upstate New York grocers and meat markets such as Chanatry's, Green Hills, Spera's, Nichols Super Markets, and others. The breakfast links are made with grade-A New York State maple syrup and a spice blend.

Hofmann also makes a variety of other types of sausage like Jalapeno Cheddar, Italian, Beer Bratwurst, Kielbasa, and new Chicken Sausage in four flavors. Hot dogs, beef jerky, Hunter Sticks, and condiments are also sold under the Hofmann name. The company recently launched its Chicken Sausage line as well as a new All Natural, Traditional Yellow Mustard, one of three mustard flavors sold by Hofmann.

"Our German Style Mustard has been around for years and we introduced our Horseradish Mustard almost three years ago. Yellow mustard is the most popular mustard type across the U.S. and it just made sense for us to create this flavor. In addition to being healthy for you, mustard isn't just limited for use as a topping on a hot dog or sausage, it can be added to recipes like salad dressing, potato salad, marinades, casseroles, and deviled eggs," says Pat Favalo, Hofmann Sausage Company's national sales manager and member of the Hofmann Taste Team.

About Hofmann Sausage Company

Hofmann Sausage Company is located in Syracuse, New York and dates back to a meat market in 1861 and its incorporation in 1879. Hofmann products are available in grocery retail, big box, convenience stores, and restaurants in several states.