Pure Flavor’s Cloud 9 Bite-Sized Fruity Tomatoes have been awarded the ChefsBest Excellence Award, adding to the reputation of this snacking tomato endorsed by professional chefs. 

A panel of certified Master Tasters comprised of independent, professional chefs judged Pure Flavor’s Cloud 9 Tomatoes using Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis. Modalities evaluated were appearance, aroma, flavor, basic taste, and texture. This extensive sensory evaluation led ChefsBest to conclude that “Cloud 9 Tomatoes deliver Overall Quality with a burst of juice, fruity and ripe tomato flavors, and a sweet taste”. 

Randi Coulthard, Acting CEO of ChefsBest, said that “when evaluated along with other products in the category, Pure Flavor Cloud 9 Tomatoes surpassed the standards required for the ChefsBest Excellence Award.” 

This marks the second time Cloud 9 Tomatoes have been recognized by professional chefs with a prestigious award. Earlier this year, they also won the International Taste Institute’s (ITI) Superior Taste Award.  

“To have experienced chefs recognize Cloud 9 Tomatoes is truly an honor”, said Jamie Moracci, President of Pure Flavor. “When we first tasted this uniquely sweet snacking tomato, we knew right away it was something special that consumers and chefs alike would love”, said Moracci. 

According to Matt Mastronardi, Executive Vice-President at Pure Flavor, demand continues to surge for the new snacking tomato. “The response we’ve received since launch has been overwhelming and it shows that there is a real consumer demand for a fresh, premium, and super sweet product in the category”, said Mastronardi. “As a result, we’re increasing acreage to make sure there is a consistent supply year-round to meet demand.” 

About Pure Flavor

Pure Flavor is a family of greenhouse vegetable growers who share a commitment to bringing A Life of Pure Flavor to communities everywhere. Our passion for sustainable greenhouse growing, strong support for our retail & foodservice customers, and focus on engaging consumers is built on a foundation drawn from generations of growing expertise.  

We are the next generation of vegetable growers, inspired to put quality, flavor, and customers first by providing greenhouse-grown vegetables from our farms that are strategically located throughout North America. 

About ChefsBest 

Founded in 2000, ChefsBest began as an effort by chefs to provide guidance to their peers in the industry on which items to purchase for their restaurants. Today, ChefsBest is a food and beverage industry marketing resource that helps brands make first-class taste-related content, distinguished by our core value of taste claims validation represented by the ChefsBest mark.