Dairygold, one of Ireland’s largest farmer-owned dairy co-operatives, announces the debut of its first branded cheese in the United States called Pastureland. The new line of Irish cheddar cheeses will feature Extra Sharp Irish Cheddar and Aged Creamy Irish Cheddar. 

Pastureland is the first and only range of specially selected premium Irish cheeses, produced exclusively in Ireland’s historic Golden Valley dairy region. Having high sustainable dairy practices, Pastureland’s ingredients bring food to life for cheese lovers who want to experience a unique tasting and naturally nutritious cheese. Pastureland cheeses will be distributed in the U.S. by leading specialty cheese supplier Norseland Inc, world-renowned for distributing the highest quality cheeses in the world including the iconic Jarlsberg cheese.

The name Pastureland speaks for itself, highlighting the very root of the new cheese brand’s unique identity, curated directly from grass-fed cows grazing some of the world’s most fertile pasturelands, rooted in nutrient rich glacial soil. Pastureland sets itself apart from other cheese brands because of its Irish roots, which guarantee that every pack of Pastureland cheddar cheese is sourced directly from Ireland’s premier dairy region, the Golden Valleys. Greener pastures are almost impossible to find anywhere else on earth, as Ireland certainly lives up to its “Emerald Isle” moniker.

 Ireland’s lush, rolling green fields, along with its fresh clean air, famously plentiful rainfall, and mild climate ensure that cows can graze outdoors for large parts of the year. These factors, blended with Ireland’s rich, ancient history and expertise in dairy farming, ensure that Pastureland cheeses are always produced with the highest quality and tastiest milk available in the world. 

Pastureland will be available on U.S. shelves in two classic flavors; Creamy Irish Cheddar and Extra Sharp Irish Cheddar. Available in 7ounce portions with a suggested retail price of $6.99 per unit and 12 units packed per case. Perfect for cheese boards, snacking, burgers, sandwiches, and dozens of recipes:

    Pastureland Aged Creamy Irish Cheddar is smooth and full-flavored, with satisfying, subtle hints of caramel sweetness and nutty tones.

    Pastureland Extra Sharp Irish Cheddar is hand-selected for a bold, rich, and tangy flavor, plus the perfect hint of sweetness. 

Pastureland’s unique tasting cheeses, produced by grass-fed cows grazing on lush green pastures and carefully selected by top artisanal cheesemakers, are aged for a minimum of 12 months and are grass-fed certified by Bord Bia, the Irish Food Board. This Grass Fed Dairy Standard guarantees that all certified products are manufactured entirely by Irish dairy herds whose diet is at least 95% grass. This ensures that all Pastureland cheeses are produced by cows whose milk is significantly higher in beneficial fatty acids and lower in omega 6. It also addresses consumers’ expectations for supporting cheeses produced  using sustainable farming methods  

Through their sustainable dairy farming practices, Pastureland ensures that the future of their family run farms within the Dairygold Co-Operative are secure for generations to come. Pastureland cheddar cheeses promise the best of both worlds to every consumer, offering the highest nutritional value possible while guaranteeing the most sustainable dairy farming methods.

About Dairygold

Located in the rich fertile Golden Valleys of Munster, Dairygold boasts a proud history of producing quality-assured, sustainable gold standard cheese and dairy ingredients that can be traced directly from grass-fed cows in one of Europe’s most fertile pastures. The Golden Valleys of Ireland have a history just as rich as their soil, with fertile lowlands that have been settled since prehistoric times, where early Kings of Munster once ruled. Formed over ancient glacial soil, this unique location is home to some of the most abundant pasturelands on earth, famous for the ability to grow top quality grass for extensive dairy farming. The world-renowned nutrient rich grass and clover that Dairygold’s cows graze produce a superior tasting cheese with natural health benefits. This sets the new Pastureland™ brand apart from many competitors as a nutritious snack and the golden ingredient to any meal.

About Norseland, Inc  

Norseland, Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of TINE SA, a cooperative of more than 10,000 dairy farmers in Norway. They are best known as the importer, sales, marketing, and distribution agent for the iconic Jarlsberg cheese, but the family of brands is very diverse, including top specialty brands that span Europe and combine traditional recipes, passed down through family generations, with modern cheese making techniques.