Aquamar Holdings has acquired Shining Ocean, Inc, significantly increasing its scale and diversifying its seafood market offerings.

“We are excited to add Shining Ocean’s business to our portfolio,” said Aquamar CEO, Daryl Gormley. “With this strategic partnership, we significantly expand branded seafood products for our current customers and leverage our investments in innovation and diversification of the raw material supply across a broader footprint.”

Shining Ocean was previously a subsidiary of True World Group, a global conglomerate of seafood manufacturing and distribution. Founded in 1985, Shining Ocean is a top-five surimi manufacturer in the country.

The addition of Shining Ocean strengthens Aquamar’s existing surimi lineup, adds additional branded products, and provides new opportunities for innovation in the seafood market. Aquamar has strengthened its position at a time where consumer interest in, and consumption of, seafood remains robust.

About Aquamar Holdings
Aquamar Holdings is a manufacturer of surimi seafood, producing and selling crab flavored seafood to food service, food manufacturing, and retail channels primarily in North America. Aquamar Holdings produces both frozen and refrigerated products, most of which are sold under the Aquamar brand name. The Company is one of the leading manufacturers of shred style surimi in North America, selling to restaurants/foodservice customers and major retailers. Huron Capital acquired the business in 2017.