On The Fly Tray Loading Solution Replaces Traditional Collate & Load

Blueprint Automation’s Spider 100v loading solution replaces a traditional collate and load system, eliminating racetrack collation and potential jam points. Increasing line efficiency, the solution will pick random, un-oriented product eliminating the need to perfectly orient the product prior to entering the packer. The integrated vision system provides built-in product inspection, detecting double wraps, bad product size and more. The Spider 100v handles trays, cartons, cases and other secondary containers, and can include a u-board divider, giving ultimate flexibility to the processor and co-packer.

Blueprint Automation

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection’s C-Series checkweighing systems

C-Series Checkweighing Sets New Standards

Mettler-Toledo Product Inspection’s C-Series checkweighing systems are setting new standards for speed and precision with the addition of new load cell technology, allowing them to achieve industry-leading throughputs. The FlashCell load cells weigh food products at speeds of up to 800 ppm, with precision better than required by Measuring Instrument Directive (MID). With three different load cell types in the FlashCell portfolio, food manufacturers can select the appropriate load cell for their products. Users of Mettler-Toledo C-Series checkweighers can quickly process products and increase weighing precision. Manufacturers also benefit from smaller checkweighing system footprints to fit within limited factory floor space.


Flexicon’s Mobile Sanitary Bulk Bag Discharger

Mobile Sanitary Bulk Bag Discharger

Flexicon’s Mobile Sanitary Bulk Bag Discharger with stainless steel material contact surfaces allows discharging of contamination-sensitive bulk solid materials to downstream processes, dust-free. Mounted on casters for in-plant mobility, the Bulk-Out BFF Series discharger frame features four adjustable extension posts to accommodate bulk bags 36-inches to 84-inches tall.  Bulk bags can be attached at ground level, then forklifted into receiving cups atop the discharger frame. The integral hopper can be equipped with a metering device for pneumatic or tubular cable conveying lines, a charging adapter for flexible screw conveyors, or a universal flanged outlet for connection to other downstream process equipment.


JLS Automation’s Osprey robotic case packing system

Osprey Robotic Case Packing

High sanitary design is standard with JLS Automation’s Osprey robotic case packing systems. Versatile by design, they easily integrate into existing lines or help automate manual processes. With high-payload delta robots, sloped surfaces and open design, Osprey never gets tired and excels at working in harsh environments. It handles various package formats, including flat or vertical pack of stand-up pouches, flat pack of foodservice bags, as well as MAP trays, thermoformed pouches, chubs and more. Osprey’s optional PIVT automatic leak detection system eliminates leaky packages and reduces waste.

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