JLS Automation plans a 50,000-square-foot expansion project for its headquarters in York, Pennsylvania. 

The project will focus exclusively on expanding production space to accommodate rapidly growing consumer demand for large automated packaging systems as well as traditional JLS equipment. The existing facility is just under 100,000 square feet. 

With this addition, throughput opportunities will be increased by 60%. It will also provide more room for integrating large, high-speed, multi-robot systems. Additionally, a higher volume of FATs will be able to be conducted on-site at JLS, including fully integrated systems. Running these tests on-site helps ensure end-user success before a system ever leaves the door while also reducing the time between the test and operation at the final site. 

“We are excited to break ground on this project and look forward to the additional growth it will enable,” said Craig Souser, president and CEO of JLS Automation. “We see an uptick in demand for large automated packaging systems that help fill labor gaps, and this expansion will provide us with the necessary space for accommodating them. By expanding our facility, we will pave the way for continued business development, be able to provide more jobs to people in our community, and in turn, help our customers deal with a challenging labor market.”

About JLS Automation

JLS Automation provides custom vision-guided robotic solutions for the food packaging industry. Offering both primary and secondary packaging systems, JLS designs hygienic packaging solutions for harsh sanitary environments. Dedicated to offering simple, user-friendly solutions to complex packaging challenges, JLS has been awarded multiple patents for its robotic tooling and leak detection systems.