Fairlife, LLC, a subsidiary of the Coca-Cola Company, has surpassed $1 billion in annual retail sales.

Founded in 2012, fairlife has pioneered ultra-filtration in the dairy industry through its portfolio of better-for-you products that are leading the value-added dairy category. Over the last decade, fairlife has remained committed to innovation and provided consumers with high-quality nutrition across its product lines - from ultra-filtered lactose-free milk and protein shakes to light ice cream.

"We say fairlife is a nutrition company first, and as the pandemic continues on, high-quality nutrition has never been more important to consumers," said Tim Doelman, CEO of fairlife. "2021 reinforced the importance of our mission to nourish the world with our better-for-you products, and we delivered on this commitment by bringing our wide range of fairlife products into more households than ever before."

Throughout 2021, fairlife achieved double-digit sales growth week over week, culminating in the new annual record of more than $1 billion in total U.S. retail sales.

In its recently released stewardship report, fairlife highlights key achievements, including increased support for communities through its grant program, complete passage of critical animal care standards across all of its supplying farms and major advancements towards its goal of 100% recyclable packaging by 2025.

"Exceeding $1 billion in annual retail sales is a tremendous achievement and the result of the great talent and dedication of the fairlife team," said Doelman. "It's our commitment to the quality of our products that got us to this point and our equal commitment to supporting our communities, caring for the animals that supply us milk and operating more sustainably that will accelerate the next phase of our growth."

Fairlife products can be purchased at retailers nationwide, as well as in Canada and China.

About fairlife
Fairlife, LLC is a Chicago-based dairy company that creates great-tasting, nutrition-rich and value-added products to nourish consumers. With more than $1B in annual retail sales, fairlife's growing portfolio of delicious, lactose-free, real dairy products includes: fairlife ultra-filtered milk; Core Power High Protein Shakes, a sports nutrition drink to support post-workout recovery; fairlife nutrition plan, a nutrition shake to support the journey to better health; and fairlife Light Ice Cream.