Field-Proven Level Detector For Plugged Chutes And Conveying

Dynatrol DJ Level Detectors have been successful as plugged chute detectors for most types of conveying and are also ideal for high-point level detection, providing dependable operation in dusty environments as well as on vessels, storage bins or hoppers equipped with vibrators.

These durable level detectors are virtually wear-free and contain no moving parts, gaskets or seals. Easily obtain accurate level measurements for food industry bulk solids materials ranging from low-density flakes and powders to pellets and heavy granular materials. They are approved for Class I, Group C & D; Class II, Groups E, F & G; and Class III Services.

Automation Products, Inc. – Dynatrol Division

Syntegon Pack 403 HE

Horizontal Flow Wrapper Offers Hygienic, High-Speed Convenience

The Syntegon Pack 403 HE is a hygienic, high-speed horizontal flow wrapper that has been designed with the highest level of hygienic standards to meet the latest food safety regulations. Reduce the risk of conta¬mination and achieve high production volumes on one machine. The Pack 403 HE is the ideal machine for wash down applications such as frozen and fresh foods. Benefits include a stainless steel construction for a foam-and-rinse concept, allowing the use of aggressive cleaning agents and rinsing, tool-less changeovers, and servo-driven power feed rollers to optimize film tension and tracking.


Vertical FFS Baggers

Vertical FFS Baggers Designed With Sanitation, Ease-Of-Use In Mind

Keeping food and workers safe are our top priorities. Our vertical form-fill-seal baggers are designed with sanitation and ease-of-use in mind. Triangle baggers meet USDA/3A and FSMA standards. All models come with an open, accessible design, sanitary forming tubes and sloped surfaces for easy run-off during washdown. Easy-changeover features include no-tool removal of forming tubes, sealing jaws and film rolls, allowing you to run multiple SKUs, package styles and materials, quickly.

Triangle Package Machinery Co.

Variety Of Printing Configurations Provided

With configurations including an IP66 rating and adjustable 90-degree print head, the Videojet 1880 continuous inkjet printer is a unique fit for many applications. A simple user interface, support of industry protocols and an annual scheduled maintenance interval all make the 1880 a powerful coding solution in food manufacturing operations. With inks like Videojet V4210, the printer applies crisp, durable codes to refrigerated and frozen food packaging. V4210 is formulated to not only stand up to condensation that can form after printing, but it can even penetrate a thin layer of condensation that might be present cold-fill applications.