Improving consistency and maximizing productivity while steaming food just got much easier for foodservice operations. Unified Brands, a leading manufacturer of foodservice equipment, is raising the bar for commercial steamers by introducing the new Groen SmartStea Pro Boilerless Steamer.  

With a beautiful and durable 4.3-inch touchscreen, customizable pan timer settings, and improved performance, operators can produce the same results chef-to-chef and shift-to-shift with the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless. The unit’s advanced data reporting stores five days of diagnostics for quick and easy service, and features customizable pre-programmed preventative maintenance reminders for improved performance and longevity.  

“It really is the best of both worlds. The SmartSteam Pro Boilerless gives you the consistency and insight of smart technology while maintaining a simple, natural user experience, on a sleek and stylish interface,” Groen Product Manager Walter Trapp said.

In addition, the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless reduces water consumption to boost a kitchen’s efficiency and its bottom line. Compared to conventional steamer models, the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless can reduce the amount of water used in cooking by 50%.

Several foodservice operations are already seeing positive results with the SmartSteam Pro Boilerless. 

About Unified Brands
Unified Brands and its Groen, Randell, Avtec, Power Soak and CapKold product lines have leading industry positions in cooking equipment, custom and standard refrigeration, continuous motion warewashing systems, conveyors, ventilation, utility distribution, cook-chill, and meal delivery systems. Unified Brands has operations in Michigan and Mississippi.