National Mushroom Month, an annual celebration established by the U.S. Department of Agriculture to highlight the benefits of the Mushroom, September is also considered the major fungal month in Norway. Chanterelle mushrooms are often called "Forest Gold," and now can be enjoyed all year round with Snofrisk Wild Mushroom, a fresh creamy spreadable cheese made with Chanterelle mushrooms and a blend of Norwegian (80%) goat's milk and (20%) cow's cream for a mild, smooth and earthy taste. All ingredients are sourced exclusively from Norway.

Snøfrisk Wild Mushroom was introduced to meet the consumers' needs and demand for mushrooms and cheese – the perfect combination. Snofrisk, all-natural and has zero additives. Also, available in alternative flavors: Original, Red Onion & Thyme, Dill, and Horseradish. It makes breakfast, lunch, and snacking easy and healthier: Spread on crackers, bagels, sandwiches, and wraps. Prefect as a steak sauce, a topper on salads and pizza/flatbreads or use as a dip for vegetables and much more.

The new variety is available at selected Whole Foods Market Locations.

About Snofrisk Cheese
You'll recognize Snøfrisk easily – its triangular packaging is inspired by the high mountains of Norway and the goats that graze there. The color is snow white and the name translates as "Snow Fresh." Enjoy the pure taste on its own or blended with Scandinavian ingredients like Wild Mushroom, Dill, Horseradish, Red Onion and Thyme. Snøfrisk is produced in a town named Ørsta, at a small dairy on the coast of western Norway. The small team work hard to create the cheese without the use of stabilizers or additives, simply adding a sprinkle of salt to enhance the purity of flavor. From milking to the finished product, the whole process spans only two or three days, creating a cheese that is fresh, slightly tart and creamy. You could say that is great about our cheese begins with our goats. Free to roam all summer across pastures and mountain ranges of breathtaking beauty, our goat farmers pride themselves on the care and love for these special animals. Feeding on everything nature has to offer means they grow up on mineral-rich plants and protein and contribute greatly to maintaining the biological diversity of their environment.