Consumers can elevate their cooking with five new authentic Mexican, Central American and Salvadoran Cremas. 

Award-winning producer of authentic Mexican cheeses, creams, and chorizo, V&V Supremo Foods, Inc., is pleased to announce it is expanding its crema (sour cream) segment through the addition of five new artisanal crema products with deep roots and flavor profiles that will take consumers on a delectable journey through Latin American cuisine.

Crema is one of the most important ingredients in Mexican cooking and is also a popular element in other Latin American cuisine. The new crema products include:

Crema Chihuahua: Crema Chihuahua is the crème fraiche of Mexican cremas — exceptional and unique. This authentic Mexican crema has full dairy notes and a hint of tanginess.

Crema Mexicana: The quintessential authentic Mexican style crema agria with an appealing light golden hue. Its slightly tangy flavor makes it ideal for all applications within Mexican cuisine, from rustic to refined.

Crema Mexicana de Casa: A traditional Mexican style crema with a very slight tang and creamy hue. Perfect for all authentic Mexican cuisine and for enhancing dishes across cultures.

Crema Centro Americana: A perfect rendition of classic Central American style crema. A cultured product with a savory, dairy-rich flavor, a very slight tang, a touch of salt and a pale golden hue.

Crema Salvadoreña: The ideal Salvadoran style crema. Savory, dairy-rich flavor, a very slight tang, a touch of salt and a pale golden hue add up to an exquisite, traditional, and authentic cultured product.

All the new V&V Supremo crema products are made in small artisanal batches with 100% pasteurized whole cow's milk, Grade A, with no preservatives or rBGH artificial hormones.


About V&V Supremo Foods, Inc.
V&V Supremo Foods, Inc., is an award-winning producer of authentic Mexican cheeses, creams, and chorizo and maker of Chihuahua Brand Quesadilla Cheese. The company was founded in 1964 by Mexico natives Gilberto Villaseñor, Sr. and Ignacio Villaseñor and is now one of the nation's oldest family-run Hispanic food businesses.