Most adults pack more activity into a 24-hour day than seems humanly possible, and often eating a delicious and nutritious meal falls off the to-do list. From endless work meetings and deadlines, to running kids all over town, and all the other tasks that need to be completed before bed, there are days when the drive-thru seems like the only way to feed the family. The food innovators behind the popular Pound of Ground Crumbles are rescuing mealtime with new Pound of Ground Burger Thins. 

True to the Pound of Ground roots, Burger Thins eliminate the red brick kitchen nightmare – the pound of ground beef that was either forgotten in the freezer or that refused to thaw in the refrigerator by mealtime. In the same weight class as many favorite drive-through burger patties, Pound of Ground Burger Thins  are 100% pure, natural  beef, with no fillers, additives, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Each under 200-calorie Burger Thins patty contains 2.6 ounces of beef, and cooks from frozen in just 5-6 minutes in a skillet, no need to fire up the grill. Burger Thins are a craving cure in the ideal size for a just-right meal for kids and anyone trying to avoid overindulge. The patties can also be stacked to create a layered burger for when extreme hunger strikes. 

New Pound of Ground Burger Thins are available in three varieties: 100% Pure Beef Burger Thins, 100% Grass Fed Burger Thins, and Steakhouse Seasoned Burger Thins. Each 1-pound package contains 6 – 2.6-ounce burger patties – a thinner patty for kids and those trying not to overindulge. 

“Burger Thins are perfect for families who want a quick, no-fuss homemade meal with little planning, but still want customizable options,” said Pound of Ground Co-founder Heidi Meyer. “In less time than it can take to order and wait in line at a fast-food restaurant, Burger Thins can be cooked in a skillet and ready for family members to add their favorite toppings then enjoy with sides like a fresh salad, oven fries, or fruit. No need to fire up the grill.”

Pound of Ground Burger Thins can be found in freezer sections at select grocery stores nationwide at an everyday price starting of $6.29. 


About Pound of Ground

Pound of Ground was created by husband-and-wife team Jeff and Heidi Meyer. They worked together (yes, as husband and wife) at Oscar Mayer and have worked in the food / meat industry for years, studying consumers and dinner. But after moving on from the corporate world, the couple decided to tackle the common dinner dilemma affecting them and households everywhere – having no fresh or thawed meat for busy weeknight meals. Heidi and Jeff realized their idea of ground beef in a form that can cook from frozen was a simple yet innovative solution everyone could benefit from and now Pound of Ground Frozen Uncooked Ground Beef is providing people with beef relief one dinner at a time.