Coldkeepers, a leader in providing premium thermal solutions since 1998, has released the first patented curbside recyclable one-piece paper thermal insulated box liner. Made entirely of postindustrial paper products, these liners are not only fully curbside recyclable but also fully repulpable. 

The liners ship flat to save on freight costs and are suitable for shipments of ambient, fresh, refrigerated, and frozen products between 24 to 72+ hours.

Popular with pharmaceutical companies and direct to consumer food delivery businesses, a primary advantage of this innovative solution is its ability to ship flat and save on inbound freight and warehousing costs while reducing carbon emissions. The patented one-piece design also allows for effective and efficient product implementation by fulfillment facilities.


About Coldkeepers
Coldkeepers’ manufacturing focus is on innovative products and strategies that deliver efficient, logistics based thermal solutions since 1998. Our innovative, proprietary, award-winning thermal solutions are made in the USA. They include shipping liners and thermal bags for the pharmaceutical, healthcare, meal delivery, grocery, and specialty food industries. The patented designs and adaptable approach to meeting client’s thermal shipping solutions needs surpasses industry peers who are reliant on non-environmentally friendly products. Coldkeepers has a stated long-term goal of increasing thermal efficiencies to lower the long-term environmental impact of transporting temperature sensitive goods. The introduction of our Curbside Recyclable Thermal Liner family continues our mission of safeguarding the environment.