Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. has launched the HygenAir A+H Hygienic Air Handler, designed to improve the hygiene of processing room environments where sanitation is critical. Colmac Coil’s Hygienic Air Handlers are custom engineered to help food processors maintain high quality, increase worker safety, and meet the strict requirements of the USDA. The HygenAir is now available to industrial refrigeration contractors and food processors throughout North America through Colmac Coil’s representative network.

An optimal processing environment is achieved with the HygenAir by providing adequate cooling, limiting air migration, managing condensation, and filtering out contaminants to deliver fresh, sanitary air to the processing room. Installed on the roof of the building, the Hygienic Air Handler optimizes the processing environment by cycling through two operational modes; processing mode and clean up mode. The processing mode cycle provides clean, fresh air to the processing space, which maintains a positive air pressure to keep unwanted contaminates from entering the room.

“Colmac is pleased to now offer the industrial refrigeration market a hygienic air handler. As a leading manufacturer of industrial refrigeration coils, we are in a unique position to deliver a wide range of coil options when it comes to selecting the best evaporator for the hygienic air handler,” said Joe Fazzari, P.E., president, Colmac Coil “We believe this will be a great opportunity for industrial refrigeration contractors and food processers that previously had a limited number of suppliers.”

Featuring a fully industrial, hygienic design, the HygenAir base frame is fully welded steel and insulated, standard G-235 galvanized steel interior and exterior walls, stainless steel full coverage dual pitch drain pans, and a wide variety of coil construction materials and hygienic weld finish levels. Equipped with electronically commuted (EC) exhaust air fans with built-in fan speed control for hygienic units up to 40,000 CFM. Choose from a variety of design options with HygenAir software, Colmac Coil’s parametric Hygienic Air Hander selection software that’s available to contractors and design engineers upon request. A Colmac Coil Technician will assist on the jobsite with start up and programming of the controls.

About Colmac Coil Manufacturing, Inc. 
Since 1971 Colmac Coil has provided customers worldwide with innovative heat exchangers and heat transfer solutions for industrial refrigeration, HVAC, power generation, and gas compression applications. The company builds heating and cooling coils, refrigeration air coolers and blast freezers, air-cooled fluid coolers and condensers, and heat pipes for heat recovery. State-of-the-art selection software accurately calculates heat exchanger performance for a wide range of working fluids, materials, and operating conditions. World-class manufacturing facilities in both Washington State and in Illinois provide customers with fast delivery times and outstanding after sales support.