Yough!, which brings comfort food made from Greek Yogurt to your kitchen, announced the launch of its frozen pizzas and versatile dough. The launch marks the first time a brand is bringing the viral two-ingredient dough to market, making it more convenient for consumers to enjoy better-for-you versions of some of their favorite comfort foods. All of Yough’s products utilize a Greek Yogurt base, which provides gut-healthy postbiotics and offers lower calorie, lower carb and higher protein alternatives compared to the leading cauliflower, chickpea and traditional wheat pizzas and crusts. 

 Yough was founded by a group of childhood and college friends who joined forces after experiencing a series of health concerns that resulted in strict diet changes. They wanted to find a solution that allowed them to eat all their favorite foods without sacrificing health or flavor, and to bring fun, colorful packaging to the dull pizza and dough aisles. Knowing Greek Yogurt had numerous health benefits, from postbiotics to high protein, the co-founders got to work developing a recipe for a light, crispy pizza and fluffy, soft dough that could serve as the base of all of their products.  

 “We knew two-ingredient dough was taking off, but felt there had to be an easier way for consumers to enjoy it while also making it cleaner and more delicious,” said Jason Miller, co-founder and COO of Yough. “We’re starting with frozen pizzas and dough, but Yough’s ultimate goal is to continue pushing the boundaries of what comfort food can be, while prioritizing health and flavor.”

Using simple and clean ingredients was Yough’s top priority from the start. Yough sources its Greek Yogurt from local Wisconsin farms and uses 100% organic wheat flour for its base, while each flavor is formulated with ingredients such as Italian tomatoes, whole milk mozzarella and more. The line debuts with three frozen pizza options: cheese pizza, turkey pepperoni pizza, and a thin, crispy naked crust that consumers can customize with their favorite toppings. The brand also offers a ready-to-go dough for reimagining wholesome varieties of all types of snacks, desserts, and cravings with a healthier twist.

“Yough allows you to eat the foods you love, and still feel great afterwards," said Mike Rolland, co-founder and CEO of Yough. "We started with pizza because not only is it one of America’s favorites, it’s ours as well. Yough embodies the belief that you can have your cake and eat it too, or in this case – pizza, pretzels, bagels, cinnamon rolls or other treats."

At the core of Yough’s mission is a commitment to making a positive impact beyond the kitchen. That’s why the company has teamed up with Co-Founder Haleigh Rosa’s For Everyone Foundation, which brings awareness to and support for people with disabilities. A percentage of Yough’s profits will help Haleigh in her mission to bring inclusivity and accessibility to a new generation of consumers. 

Yough is launching directly to consumers from its website, with plans to expand to and brighten up the grocery aisle in the near future. 

About Yough!
Yough! is now offering the first-ever frozen pizza and dough made from Greek Yogurt, using simple ingredients to create lower calorie and higher protein versions of America's favorite comfort foods filled with gut-friendly postbiotics. Whether you're craving a cheesy pizza or an irresistible sweet treat, Yough is all about creating delicious and playful food experiences that bring people together and make them feel good inside and out.