The newest Danfoss BOCK compressor, the HGX56 CO2 T, provides an optimized design solution for industrial and commercial refrigeration, including cold storage, as well as for large industrial heat pumps. With the six-cylinder capacity, customers can reduce the number of compressors in their system, resulting in lower system complexity and investment costs.
With the approaching HFC phasedown and transition to natural refrigerants, the HGX56 CO2 T transcritical compressor range is designed for demanding conditions with natural refrigerant R744 in commercial and industrial applications. The expansion to six-cylinder capacity allows for a wider spread and faster uptake of large CO2 heat pumps and industrial refrigeration systems. Additional benefits of the increased capacity – up to 135 kW for cooling and 360 kW for heating – include greater efficiency and reliability, along with low noise and vibration, a compact and lightweight design, and a minimal oil carry-over rate.
 As a result, the HGX56 is an attractive alternative to compressors using HFC or HFO refrigerants or ammonia and provides the same optimal performance at full and partial loads.
“The BOCK HGX56 CO2 T compressor provides an ideal solution for industrial and commercial customers looking to increase efficiency at lower cost and reduces system complexity,” said Vikas Anand, vice president of Danfoss Climate Solutions sales in North America. “We are looking forward to helping our industrial and commercial customers make the transition to natural refrigerants while raising the bar on efficiency and the ability to prolong the service life of the application via fully serviceable design.”

The Danfoss BOCK HGX56 CO2 T compressor provides increased capacity along with improved energy efficiency for industrial and commercial refrigeration systems.


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