Hiland Dairy's latest creation, Fire in The Hole ice cream, inspired by the excitement of Silver Dollar City's new indoor family coaster, is now available in stores. This launch ignites the spirit of adventure and the rich history of the Ozarks, bringing a thrilling taste experience to ice cream enthusiasts. Silver Dollar City is an 1880s theme park nestled in the Ozark Mountains.

After much anticipation, the Fire in The Hole ice cream has landed on store shelves. It delivers a mouthwatering blend of creamy marshmallow-flavored ice cream swirled with rich chocolate ribbons and sprinkled with crunchy graham cracker pieces. This flavor, reminiscent of a fireside s'mores experience, pays tribute to the legendary night when the Baldknobbers set fire to the mining town of Marmaros, encapsulating a piece of history with every scoop. 

"The excitement surrounding the new Fire in The Hole family coaster has been contagious, and we are delighted to extend this experience to ice cream lovers across Hiland's markets. It's a flavor that not only celebrates the roller coaster but also the delicious taste of a s'more. We're inviting everyone to savor this new classic," said Sarah Carey, marketing manager of Hiland Dairy.

The collaboration between Hiland Dairy and Silver Dollar City has previously churned out two unforgettable ice cream flavors, Time Traveler and Outlaw Run. Now, with Fire in The Hole ice cream hitting the market, it's a continued pledge to create extraordinary moments for its customers. The flavor debuted with exclusive tastings at Silver Dollar City's Hannah's Ice Cream Shop, and now it's rolling out for all to enjoy.

As the spring season blooms, so does the excitement for Silver Dollar City's newest attraction. The new Fire in The Hole indoor family coaster promises to give thrills and family fun. This flavor is not just a treat; it's a ticket to a nostalgic and adventurous ride through the palate.

About Hiland Dairy Foods
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