Belgian Boys, a women-led company known for sparking moments of joy in people's lives with delicious European-inspired foods, is thrilled to announce the launch of two new refrigerated breakfast products: Griddle Pancakes and Bite-sized Belgian Chocolate Chip Pancakes. 

Belgian Boys strives to support families by making their morning routine as stress-free as possible. The addition of these two new items is building on Belgian Boys' core assortment of breakfast offerings: Belgian Waffles, Crepes, and Bite-Sized Pancakes, which were designed to be quick, mess-free, and snackable. Always in whimsical, colorful packaging and without GMOs, artificial flavors or preservatives.

"Our original mini pancakes are a massive hit with my kids. They love dipping them in chocolate we get from home in Belgium," said Belgian Boys CEO Anouck Gotlib. "So, adding Belgian chocolate chips to our bite-sized pancakes was only natural—and you can really taste the richness and quality of our chocolate baked right in. I like to say that our griddle pancakes are toppable and unstoppable! They are delicious drizzled with syrup, and topped with berries, or as a sweet & savory breakfast sandwich.” 

Belgian Boys Griddle Pancakes and Bite-sized Belgian Chocolate Chip Pancakes are now available in the refrigerated section at Target locations nationwide. 

Belgian Boys is making European foods mainstream—bringing the poffertjes, or Dutch mini pancakes, and Belgian Chocolate to an American audience.