Pocino Foods made an $8 million upgrade to its City of Industry, Calif., facility.

Pocino Foods, a leader in quality and innovation of deli and prepared meat products located in City of Industry, Calif., expanded their manufacturing plant. The $8 million upgrade is to assure that they continue to lead the industry in quality control procedures by taking advantage of the latest and most advanced techniques available.

This expansion is the fourth and largest in the company’s 79-year history and is perhaps the most significant. The entire processing procedures were reassessed from top to bottom. One of the most notable changes was to completely separate and isolate raw and finished goods. The plant flows from raw to processed, virtually eliminating any chance of cross contamination. Also, raw and cooked plant workers are completely segregated from entrances by lockers to separate lunch rooms. The new plant building set-up physically prevents a worker from entering a portion of the plant to which they are not assigned.

The most advanced processing equipment is also in place, including quality assurance and micro testing of all raw product prior to cooking, as well as state-of-the-art computerized flow-through ovens that assure proper cook time and temperatures. Additionally, the company added a new quality control lab and a new computerized cooling system for refrigeration areas.

“Providing the highest quality products in the industry has always been a cornerstone of Pocino Food products,” says Frank Pocino, president. “The industry and today’s discriminating consumer demands safe products, and we are excited to integrate the most modern systems in the industry into our plant.”

Pocino Foods is completing additional renovations for cooked pizza toppings, meatballs and custom formulated products that require flash freezing.