Ashworth Omni-Pro 075
Extra strength. Never mind the detergents or headache medicines. Here’s a case where this term fittingly applies to a conveyor belt. Ashworth Bros., Winchester, Va., says its new Omni-Pro 075, spiral/turn-curve conveyor belt is proven to withstand tensions of 125 pounds in the most demanding applications.

“New weld technology has allowed us to produce cleaner and stronger welds,” notes Jon Lasecki, Ashworth’s chief engineer. “By eliminating traditional ‘bridge’ welding and utilizing our patent pending 360-degree buttonless weld, we’ve made the Omni-Pro 075 is capable of withstanding the highest loads in its class, without failure. Since the introduction of the Omni-Pro 120 in 2004, Ashworth now offers the Omni-Pro protrusion leg design on several of our belt lines. This extends the offering and benefits all our customers.”

Ashworth says Omni-Pro’s increased strength - which allows for higher load-bearing capacity - comes from 360-degree buttonless welds that utilize a “zero-tension” design, and, unlike traditional bridge welds, are free from surface imperfections and crevices. This eliminates bacteria build-up and improves the belt’s hygienic characteristics.

Lasecki adds that the Omni-Pro 075’s link design features a patented “protrusion leg” that prevents welds from contacting spiral cage bars. This enables the belt to operate more smoothly for less system wear. Each link also is formed by a patented coining process to prevent break-in wear. This feature reduces belt elongation and, in turn, increases belt life.

Ashworth says the Omni-Pro 075 is ideal for refrigerated and frozen shrimp and vegetable applications.