A primary feature needed to maximize air-flow is a belt that has a large open area - the larger the open area, the easier it is for air to flow through the belt - resulting in shorter dwell times, greater throughput and less energy consumption.

Ashworth's Advantage belts have been tested and proven to have the greatest air-flow of all plastic spiral belts. To demonstrate how efficient Advantage belts are, the company commissioned Intertek ETL Testing Services (ETL), an independent Nationally Registered Testing Laboratory (NRTL), to conduct comparative air-flow tests and quantify air pressure drop (air-flow resistance) of all commonly available spiral belts.

ETL's testing proved that Advantage belts have as much as 370 percent less pressure drop than leading competitors' plastic belts. A lower air pressure drop means a more efficient belt because more air can pass through it. More air-flow results in greater air contact with the product being conveyed, lowering dwell times and in-turn, increasing production. Less air resistance also increases the efficiency of evaporator fans, lowering electric consumption.

- Ashworth
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