Ashworth has created a solution to help processors pinpoint undetected high-tension problems in spirals to extend belt life and prevent unexpected breakdowns.

Ashworth now provides Tension Tests with its proprietary Tension Gauge that records belt tension throughout each tier in a spiral. By analyzing the results, Ashworth Factory Service can make recommendations to correct any unforeseen or potential problems.

The Ashworth Tension Gauge can measure spiral belt tensions of up to 650 lbs with tier spacing as low as 2 inches. It is designed to operate in freezing and ambient conditions, so tension measurements can be taken in fully operational freezers and coolers. The Tension Gauge can be used on any spiral belt; therefore, the belt does not need to be an Ashworth belt in order to be tested.

Ashworth has performed tension tests on numerous spirals and found most operating above the manufacturer’s rating. After locating the high-tension problems, Ashworth Factory Service provided solutions to save the processors from unexpected breakdowns.

- Ashworth Bros. Inc.
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