Ashworth Bros., Inc., introduces ExactaStack, a self-stacking spiral belt that is an exact drop-in replacement for standard and wide belt stackers.

“Ashworth is known in our industry for high quality conveyor belting and dependable factory service,” notes Joe Lackner, Ashworth vice president of marketing and sales. “We are our industry's only supplier that engineers, manufactures and services both metal and plastic conveyor belting for all spirals whether they are lo-tension or stackers. Adding ExactaStack to our product line provides food processors an easy single-supplier-solution for all of their belting and service requirements.”

Lackner says ExactaStack is available in all widths, tier heights, and mesh configurations for both spliced-in sections and complete belt replacements. As an exact drop-in replacement, no system drive modifications are required.

With every option available, Ashworth says it can provide processors with the right ExactaStack belt for specific production needs, ensuring throughput is maximized with increased capacity and minimized product damage.-- Ashworth Bros. Inc.

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