Businesses relying on trucking shipments to distribute their product can significantly benefit from a cost-effective way to monitor their cargoes en route to customers.

That’s why CAS DataLoggers, Chesterfield, Ohio, joined Japanese manufacturer T&D Corp. to create RTR-500 Series Wireless Data Logging Systems. Now with the RTR-500GSM Data Collector, users can set up remote or in-vehicle data collection to automatically send data and alarms via cellular phone networks.

This built-in wireless communication technology allows users to process and manage their critical data anytime from anywhere, offering unmatched convenience to workers in transportation and warehousing, food processing and storage, agriculture and other industries.

T&D’s RTR-500 Series data loggers are low-cost monitoring solutions for temperature, humidity, voltage, current and event counting. These wireless loggers share recordings with a variety of data collectors, including hand-held, USB, Ethernet and cellular versions, so personnel can quickly and accurately check and protect cargo on the road. These remote units measure and record data by registering to the base stations, which wirelessly collect their current readings during set intervals and monitor for user-set alarm warnings.

These data loggers also record temperature in ranges as broad as -326°F to 3092°F and connect with different thermocouple and RTD sensor types. Full downloads of captured readings take just two minutes. Additionally, 500 series data loggers send their data up to 500 feet away from a base station when unobstructed indoors. These data loggers are available in nine different models and offer an array of optional sensors.

Plus, these rugged, compact, weatherproof data loggers are designed for extended operation in harsh environments. Therefore, they feature alarm capability and email and FTP and web interfaces to view and save current readings and recorded data. Readings are presented in graph display or exported to other programs.

CAS Data Loggers