Why spend time, money and effort developing a new frozen product -- only to have it ruined by freeze-thaw handling and storage conditions. Advanced Food Systems (AFS), Somerset, N.J., says it now offers two new specialized ingredients to minimize or prevent damage such as freezer burn, protein damage, or loss of color and flavor caused by freeze-thaw cycles.

AFS says new Actobind® systems work by stabilizing internal moisture, while ActoGlaze® systems stabilize surface moisture, reducing or eliminating texture degradation and freezer burn in foods such as meats and seafood.  Actoloid® systems prevent breakdown of emulsions due to the effects of ice crystallization in a wide range of frozen foods.

Purge and shrinkage can be minimized through Actobind® and EasyBrown® systems, especially in grilled, roasted or plain IQF vegetables.  These ingredient systems also improve texture in reheated foods.

AFS says it can provide complete technical support including either ingredient customization (to specific formulas or processing conditions) or custom formulation. -- Advanced Food Systems

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