Eagle Product Inspection introduced the Eagle Pack 240 XE, a cost-effective x-ray system, ideal for small and medium-sized enterprises seeking to compete globally. The new system operates with Eagle’s SimulTask XE image analysis software, an advanced traceability tool ensuring compliance with Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) principles. The new system helps food manufacturers expand their businesses on a global scale by enabling compliance with international food safety regulations and retailer guidelines.

The new Eagle system supports a “supermarket package,” a software and hardware option offering enhanced control measures required by leading supermarket brands for product safety. This feature enhances reject monitoring functions to reduce the possibility of human intervention, thus increasing security levels in production lines.

The Eagle SimulTask image analysis software is the basis for the company’s "set and forget" line of operator-friendly x-ray inspection systems. Its fully customized interface simplifies product set-up to facilitate changeovers, reduce downtime and increase flexibility with the product inspection process. It also includes various operator log-in levels, allowing access rights only to designated users to prevent operator error and further enhance security.

Eagle Product Inspection